Legacy of Seergaze

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Speak to the Mercenary Adventurer at the Burgh de Rott Ramble start point east of Paterdomus


Skills: Level 29 Agility, Level 20 Construction, Level 47 Crafting, Level 40 Firemaking, Level 49 Magic, Level 35 Mining, Level 31 Slayer

Items: Pyre logs (Teak or above), Temple Trekking equipment

Miscellaneous: Two different forms of combat (melee/mage/range)


Skills: Level 43 Prayer

Items: Means to teleport to Canifis (Fairy Rings, Kharyll Teleport, lodestone, or Ectophial), Pickaxe, Good food, Good armour, Super energy potions, Enchant emerald spell tablet (if you are not on normal spellbook)

Monsters: Zaromark Sliver (Level 80), Fistandantilus (Level 80), Vyrewatch (Level 110+)

NPCs: Drezel, Flaygian Screwte, Kael Forshaw, Safalaan, Veliaf Hurtz

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Bank Bank Bank
Required: At least two different forms of combat (Melee/Range/Mage) if low leveled
Suggested: Good food, armour to defeat two level 80 bodyguards

Suspicions Confirmed

1. Speak to the Mercenary Adventurer. Before going to Burgh de Rott, he feels Drezel should be warned about strangers going into Paterdomus, including one who appeared to be a Saradominist.

2. Head into the Temple and speak with Drezel to inform him of the strange occurrences. Drezel, who had been working on restoration, noticed nothing - but he is rather excited about his discovery of a secret stairway to a columbarium in the underground part of the Temple. Drezel suggests you check out the area as well as checking for the strangers before reporting back to him.

3. Exit the basement of the Temple through the west exit and enter the Temple Salve from the front doors. Go up to the top floor of the Temple, where you will encounter a group of mysterious people plotting in a cut scene. When they detect your presence, the group will teleport away and send its two bodyguards (both level 80) at you.

These bodyguards will pray against whatever attack style you last used after two attacks (or losing 300 LP), so you will have to switch between melee, range, or mage every few attacks. Stronger players can easily defeat the bodyguards even when protection prayers are being used. If you stand in the corner, you can keep one from meleeing you while fighting the other. When they are both near death, they will teleport away, leaving you to look around the room for clues.

4. Search the Crude Table in the north-western corner of the room to find a page and a white glove.

Legacy Of Seergaze Crude Table

5. Return to Drezel and talk to him to tell him about the conspirators and give him the evidence, which he takes for safekeeping. Drezel suggests you help the Mercenary Adventurer travel to Burgh de Rott in return for being so useful in pointing out the strange incident.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Temple Trekking Equipment
Suggested: Good food, armour

Accidental Delivery

6. Speak to the Mercenary Adventurer and tell him you are finally ready to take him to Burgh de Rott. You will have to take him on a normal Temple Trek, so prepare as you see fit. Unless you care greatly about the involved reward, it is best to simply select the easy route each time, as it offers you the capability to skip combat hazards.

7. Upon arrival at Burgh de Rott, the Mercenary Adventurer takes off his helmet, showing himself to be Ivan Strom. Ivan will depart to help his friends with their fight.

Legacy Of Seergaze Burgh De Rott Trapdoor

8. Go to the secret base via the trapdoor in the inn to explain yourself to Veliaf. Veliaf is angry that Ivan has managed to return, explaining that he is the special charge of the Myreque, who must keep him safe. When he calms down, he will ask of news from the outside world, so tell him about the Zamorakians and Saradominists conspiring together. After explaining, ask for a job - Veliaf will send you to deliver a crate of supplies to Safalaan.

A Little Research

9. At this point, bank any heavy armour in favour of lighter types - they will serve only to weigh you down. Travel to Meiyerditch by way of the boat at the dock south-east of the bank. You will need to navigate toward the Sanguinesti Myreque headquarters. There are numerous paths to the hideout, however the quickest way by far is to take advantage of the Vyrewatch's ability to teleport you to the mines. If you wish to use a different path, visit the Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Guide for instructions on navigating the maze conventionally.

Attract the attention of a Vyrewatch by walking around Meiyerditch until one stops you. Select the option to be teleported to the mine as punishment. You will need to mine 15 Daeyalt ores and load them into the minecart before the guard will let you leave. You will emerge in the far north end of the city. Follow the red path on the map below to reach the hideout.

Legacy Of Seergaze Quest Area Map

When you reach the ladder having followed the red path, go upstairs and jump toward the building to the east. Go down the stairs in this building and proceed to push through the wall into the room marked in cyan on the map. You will need to push the sickle symbol on the wall and then search the rug for a trapdoor to enter the hideout.

10. Head to the northern part of the base and speak to Safalaan, who will direct you to talk to Flaygian. Talk to Flaygian to give him the crate of supplies. Once he has taken it off your hands, ask him about his research into fighting the vampyres. After his detailed explanation of the combat abilities of the vampyres, ask if you can help at all. Flaygian suggests that a weapon can only be effective against the Vyrewatch if it is unpredictable and nearly impossible to master - a weapon he wants you to find out about from the local fighters.

11. Speak to Kael Forshaw in the base - he will immediately suggest a flail as the best idea. For the secondary evidence Flaygian requires, Kael points you towards a book someone was using as 'late-night' reading.

12. Search the middle bunk bed on the northern wall of the eastern bed room to locate the Combat book. Read through it to get an understanding of just how difficult the flail is to master - note what page it first mentions the flail on.

Legacy Of Seergaze Bunk Bed

13. Speak to Flaygian again to present your case for using a flail and, when he asks for a specific page to read, tell him the page where you first found information about the flail. Flaygian will give you a hammer and some nails for some 'field work' he now wants you to do - furnace repairs.


14. Head out of the Myreque base and retrace your steps back to the mine entrance marked in red on the above map. Enter the room marked in orange as Furnace Entrance on the map. Use your nails on the wooden post in this room to create a makeshift ladder, then climb up.

Legacy Of Seergaze Wooden Post

Jump to the floorboards to the area east of you, go north, then jump into the damaged wall in the house west. You are now in the house marked in yellow on the map which contains a broken furnace.

15. Climb up the ladder in the northern section and pick up the bronze pickaxe, tinderbox, and coal. While up there, search the trough next to the hole - you will look down on the mass of debris and see that underneath it all, there is still a furnace! Climb back down and climb down the ladder south of you to reach the furnace - excavate it (right-click) to clean it off.

16. The furnace is clean, but it still isn't working. Light it up by putting a piece of coal in, then using your tinderbox on it. The furnace will be back in working order, so return to Flaygian in the hideout to report.

17. Talk to Flaygian, who is very pleased with your success at fixing the furnace. Flaygian will now direct you to get the necessary materials for the flail.

Flailing About

18. Search the barrel at the north of the room to obtain two silver bars and two mithril bars. Collect the silvthril chain mould from the crate near the entrance as pictured below.

Legacy Of Seergaze Search Crate

Go up the ladder and back to the furnace. Use one of the bars on the furnace to produce one silvthril chain, then return to the Myreque base.

19. Search the shelves in the western niche of the north room to get a blessed silver sickle. Use the sickle on Flaygian and suggest it as the head for the flail. Flaygian will eventually accept the idea and take the chain and sickle from you to work on the flail.

20. While Flaygian is working, talk to Safalaan to report the beginnings of the new weapon. Safalaan, after expressing his pleasure with the progress, introduces you to Andiess and Kael, who intend to explore the laboratory.


21. Grab a saw from the tool rack if you don't have one on your toolbelt and head out of the base up to the old secret lab just south-east of the furnace. This path and entrance is marked in pink on the map above. Go down the stairs, after which a cut scene will show the Myreque fighters, injured on the floor. Head over and 'look at' them, at which they will leap up - it was all just a trick.

22. Inspect the door at the south of the room to reveal a gap between the doors. Use the saw on the western door to cut a hole in the door. Climb through the door to get into the tunnel beyond.

Legacy Of Seergaze Climb Thru Door

Continue down the tunnel after you finish speaking with Safalaan, being sure to keep yourself safe from the slayer creatures in the cavern along the way. Head into the first cavern north of the path pictured below to encounter the Myreque fighters in a cut scene.

Legacy Of Seergaze Battle Location

23. After the cutscene, head north into the room and search the strange stones you encounter. They will begin emitting a red pulse, which you find oddly familiar.

Legacy Of Seergaze Strange Stones

Be sure to search the skeleton next to the stones to obtain runes you will need later in the quest. Speak to Safalaan about your discovery - he will be intrigued, but wants to call the search to a halt, as he senses danger.

24. Suddenly, Vyrewatch arrive, killing one of the Myreque fighters and fighting with Safalaan. Safalaan begins floating and releases a blue charge, after which you help return him to the base. Speak to him there to try to get information, but he will avoid the subject, instead focusing on the flail that Flaygian has left incomplete in the base. He will give you the materials, which require four empty inventory spaces.

25. Grab a chisel from the tool rack, then construct the flail:

  1. Use the emerald on the blessed silver sickle.
  2. Use the 'Lvl-2 Enchant' spell on the sickle.
  3. Use the remaining pieces on each other to complete the flail.

Reporting Back - Many Times

26. Speak to Safalaan once again to report your success. He will suggest you test the flail against the Vyrewatch to see if it is finally possible to kill them. Wield the Ivandis Flail and head outside to kill a Vyrewatch. Once you have killed one, take its corpse and return to Safalaan who will direct you to report to Veliaf then bring the corpse to Drezel.

27. Head over to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott and tell him about any of the occurrences. He will tell you to go visit Drezel and give him the Vyre corpse to study.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Pyre logs (Teak or above), Vyre corpse, Tinderbox (collected previously)
Suggested: None

28. Head to Drezel at Paterdomus to give him the Vyre corpse. He senses a soul in it that has been tormented by its current state. Head down into the columbarium and use your pyre logs and Vyre corpse on a funeral pyre. Light the pyre and take the key that appears on the stand next to it. Go just east of the entrance and open the glinting wall storage with the key. Drezel will appear when you pull a blood talisman out and ask you to talk to him above.

Legacy Of Seergaze Wall Storage

29. Head upstairs and talk to Drezel, who will explain what exactly happened with the pyre. Drezel will then suggest that you return to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott to report everything that has happened.

30. Go back to Veliaf in the hideout in Burgh de Rott and talk to him to explain everything to him. Veliaf congratulates you on a job well done and offers up a 'token of appreciation'.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • World 88 is commonly used for building the Mort'ton Temple - if you need to bless some oil, it would be wise to try there for an already-constructed temple.
  • When going through the maze that is Hallowvale, it is actually more efficient to be caught by the Vyrewatch and mine 15 ores to escape - the exit places you very close to the entrance to the hideout. Ask an NPC for a spare pickaxe if you don't have one on your tool belt.
  • At the quest end you obtain a blood talisman. If you have 77 runecrafting you can craft blood runes. You can enter the altar via the Abyss or you can use the talisman on those interesting skull shaped rocks you found in the new dungeon where you were attacked by the Vyrewatch.
  • If you continue to cremate vyre corpses (for 80xp prayer each plus pyre log firemaking xp), your progress is charted in the book on the nearby lectern. Every 50 increases your max hit with the Ivandis flail, up to 500 cremations.
  • The skill you choose to use the Tome of XP on must be at least level 35.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: anishka0, Baffler, Chris0464, Cowman_133, damianara, essiw, Foodfight13, ForsakenMage, Hammo, hotdogcore, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Mc90123, Metallica56, pokemama, Raven6666, rusober, Tweety193, Vader2592

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