Darkness of Hallowvale

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Talk to Veliaf Hurtz under the Pub in Burgh de Rott.


Skills: Level 26 Agility, Level 5 Construction, Level 32 Crafting, Level 33 Magic, Level 20 Mining, Level 40 Strength, Level 22 Thieving

Items: Knife, Hammer, 2 Planks, 8 Nails


Quests: Ghosts Ahoy

Skills: 43 Prayer is an advantage

Items: Ectophial or Canifis teleport cut down on walking time; possibly some food if lower level.

Monsters: Vyrewatch (levels 110, 120, 130, 140)

NPCs: Aeonisig Raispher, Drezel, King Roald, Meiyerditch citizen, Old Man Ral, Safalaan, Vanstrom Klause, Veliaf Hurtz, Vertida Sefalatis

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WARNING: Do not start this quest with Ancient or Lunar Magicks equipped. You will need to Telegrab at the end of the quest, and switching spellbooks would cost you a lot of time.

1: Starting out
Items Required: None

Talk to Veliaf under the pub in Burgh de Rott. He will tell you of the struggle of the Sanguinesti and their town of Meiyerditch. He will ask you to make contact with the Myreque in the town; to start the quest, tell him you will help. He will tell you to search around Burgh de Rott to find a method of entering Meiyerditch.

Note: aggressive Vyrewatch are present south and east of town. It's recommended to just avoid them and proceed with the mission.

2: The Boat
Items Required: Knife, Hammer, 2 Planks, 8 Nails, Ectophial or Canifis teleport if you have it, some food (see note below).

On the coast to the south east of the pub you will find a run-down boathouse with a run-down boat. Search the boat and you will discover that a plank and four nails should be enough to fix it. So use a plank on it! Repeat this with the chute leading down to the sea. Once both the boat and chute are fixed, push the boat into the water. What are you waiting for? Run down the dock and hop in!

Darkness Of Hallowvale Boat
Click here for a map of Meiyerditch

A note on the Meiyerditch Vyrewatch

Throughout this area you will occasionally attract the attention of the Vyrewatch. These incidents are rare and will only happen when you are outdoors. When it happens, they will present you with three options. Two options are always present: either you can give them a blood tithe (deducts 60 life points) or you can try to distract them. The success of distracting them depends on your Thieving level: if successful you will get away, otherwise you will lose 60 life points (same as the blood tithe, so it's a good deal). The third option is either to be taken to the mines (you will have to mine 15 ore to be released in Sector Six in the north west of the town), or to fight them (not recommended). However, some players have reported that challenging the Vyrewatch to a battle causes it to leave you alone without paying the tithe. The mines take you to the north side of the city, where you can reach the hideout and laboratory on the ground level.

3: Into Meiyerditch
Items Required: Knife, Ectophial


You eventually arrive at a ruined wall, get out of the boat by clicking on the wall. Climb the ruined wall and you will arrive on top of the boundary wall. Walk to the first area with floorboards and search the floorboards. Kick down the southernmost boards and climb down into the gap between the walls.

Within the wall you will be safe from the Vyrewatch. When you are ready, walk a few steps north and climb out east over the area of broken rubble. Speak to any Meiyerditch Citizen, choose both whisper options to be told about Old Man Ral. Ask to be introduced to Old Man Ral; the citizen will refuse but refer to him as the 'Sage of the Sanguinesti.'

Now head to a large building just north east of the entry point from the wall. Initially Old Man Ral will be unwilling to help you; keep trying until you mention that the people refer to him as the Sage of the Sanguinesti. Flattery will win him over and he will tell you to follow the symbols to Sector Three. Do not skip this step - you cannot "find the way" until he tells you to follow the symbols".

4: Follow the Sickles
The symbols referred to by Old Man Ral are black 'sickle logos.' The following route will lead you from Old Man Ral to the Myreque hideout; traversing this route requires observation skills. When you're ready:

Leave Old Man Ral's house and head west, enter the second door on the southern side of the alley (the first door is directly south of Old Man Ral's house). Notice there is a sickle logo to the left of the door. Climb the ladder.

Darkness Of Hallowvale House

In the upstairs room, there is a gap in the wall on the south side. Run your mouse over the edge of the floor opposite, right click and select the option 'Jump-to Floorboards.' (If you click the side you are standing on, it will say that you are not close enough. Click the opposite side of the gap instead.) Repeat this on the gap in the building to the east (again, there is a sickle logo just left of the gap).

Now find the sickle logo to the north, push the wall to the east of the logo (it is already leaning). The wall will fall to form a bridge; cross the bridge. Crawl under the middle wall panel on the north side of the room. Walk north into the next room, push the wall segment next to the bed (and sickle logo) on the western side of the room. Climb down the ladder.

Search the table to uncover a trapdoor; open the trapdoor and enter the tunnel. In the north west you will see a sickle logo next to some shelves. Right-click the shelves and climb. Crawl under the wall to the east. Jump across the gap to the east. Climb down the ladder and walk to the locked door to the east. Search the pots to find a key, use this to open the locked door.

Walk around the diagonal wall to the eastern ladder and climb it. Jump the gap to the south. Now walk out onto the damaged ledge to the east (there is no wall here so the Vyrewatch can catch you here) and follow it back around until you reach some shelves; climb the shelves. Then climb the ladder. Walk south-east to the stool and look for a well-hidden jump toward the south. Jump it and then climb down the ladder. There is a washing line to the east, cross this and climb down the ladder.

Darkness Of Hallowvale Clothesline

To the north there is another wall you can push down, do this and walk across the bridge it makes. Climb the shelves to the north then climb down the shelves to the north east (these are hard to see from here - use your mouse to find them). Take the northern jump, then another northern jump. Walk to the north east corner and jump again. Climb up the ladder and take the ladder piece from the western wall. Climb back down and use the ladder piece with the broken ladder. Climb down the newly-fixed ladder. There is a building shaped like a diamond. Enter the building west of the diamond, which has a portrait and fireplace inside. Make note of this room - it is used later in the quest and you will need to find it. Go into the room to the west and head out the other door to the north.

Darkness Of Hallowvale Diamond Room

Immediately north east you will see three buildings joined together. Go to the northern door of the middle building, enter and climb the ladder. Take the jump to the east and go down the stairs to the east. At the bottom of the stairs, go east and then all the way south. Search the wall and then use your knife on it. Push the wall and it will open. In the final room you should see a sickle on the northern wall. Push this then mouse the south eastern corner of the rug; it says "open lumpy rug".

Darkness Of Hallowvale Lumpy Rug

Open the trapdoor and descend. You are now in the sewer hideout. Vertida Sefalatis is to the far north. There you go. Wasn't so bad was it?

5: The Message and the Sound
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Ectophial

Go to the north of the hideout and talk to Vertida Sefalatis and ask him what to do. He will give you a message for Veliaf. If you have a teleport, use it, then run back down to Burgh de Rott. If you don't have a teleport you can retrace your steps back through the town and return using the boat. Talk to Veliaf who will send you to Drezel (the Priest in Peril cleric located in the Salve Temple dungeon). Run to him, or teleport to Canifis for a quicker journey. Drezel will tell you about some strange noises Ivan heard, and ask you to investigate. Exit the temple and go west down the stairs (towards Varrock), then go south of the stairs to find the south-eastern-most bush, which has a search option! Search it, and you will see a cutscene. Shadowy figures will take the man you find.

Darkness Of Hallowvale Werewolves

6: Warning!
Items Required: None

Report back to Drezel. He will give you runes for a Varrock teleport and tell you to warn King Roald that the werewolves have found a way to cross the Salve. Teleport and talk to King Roald. Aeonisig Rasipher tells the King to be wary. He and the King argue about the urgency of the situation, making Aeonisig seem very suspicious. King Roald will offer to have Aeonisig teleport you back to Paterdomus. (This only works if Aenoisig and the King are in the same room - you can world hop if needed.) Accept the offer and you'll appear in the shrine room next to Drezel's room.

7: And back again...
Items Required: Knife

Talk to Drezel; he will tell you that you should talk to Veliaf. Return to the Pub in Burgh de Rott. Veliaf will tell you to go to the Sanguinesti hideout again. Bring your Knife and optional Ectophial or teleport. Retrace your steps from the "Follow the Sickles" section or just get a Vyrewatch's attention then take the option to go to the mines where you'll have to mine 15 ores (they'll give you a pick but you could bring a better one). If you have a higher mining level this method can be significantly faster than following the sickles back to the base.

NOTE: If you take the option of going to the mines you will come out in the north sector of town just north-west of the secret lab. You will have to run south east back to the base. There are no obstacles to this path except at the very end. In travelling from the mines back to the base, look for this house.

Darkness of Hallowvale Mining Route

Go through the north door and the south door of the house. Enter the building directly to the south and climb up the ladder. Take the jump to the east and go down the stairs to the east. At the bottom of the stairs, go east and then all the way south. You are now in front of the door that leads to the Myreque base entrance.

8: The Barricade
Items Required: Knife

Talk to Vertida again, and after telling about his friend, he will offer to lead you back through the maze. Accept his offer. After he brings you out, head back inside the wall to the broken boards which you kicked down to enter the town. Climb up the broken boards onto the main wall and head north to a ladder. Climb down it. Search the rocky surface on the east wall to unlock the northern barricade. Open the barricade and continue north until you find a ladder, which you climb. Head north, climb the ladder, then climb down the next ladder. Head north until you get to a large "crossroads", where you can find Safalaan and talk to him.

Darkness Of Hallowvale Safalaan

He will ask you to sketch out plans of the castle, starting at the north, then going west, then heading to the south. He will provide you with charcoal and papyrus.

9: Sketches
Items Required: Papyrus and Charcoal (provided), Knife

Go west and follow the path all the way around to the north side of the castle. You should find a symbol (another sickle, by the way). Stand on it and use charcoal on papyrus. Head back to the west side and find another symbol, then use charcoal on papyrus. You will see a cutscene. After it finishes, go to the south symbol. Be prepared: When you sketch, Vanstrom will attack you! Stop making your sketch once he attacks. Turning on Protect from Melee helps if you are low on health or a lower level (NOTE: He will not kill you). His attack will be interrupted soon enough by Sarius Guile, who will talk to you. She will tell you that there is a message which you must deliver to Safalaan which is "secreted behind tiles where smoke is carried away from the depiction of statuesque evil." Ater she is done talking to you finish making your sketch from the south. (NOTE: If you continue making your sketch while Vanstrom is attacking you, you will lose the sketch when he leaves and you will have to get another piece of papyrus and re-do the sketch! Search the box in the northern part of the Meiyerditch base for another piece of papyrus.).

10: Delivery
Items Required: Knife

Retrace your steps from the "Follow the Sickles" section (or again just go to the mines to end up in the north part of the city). However, this time you should stop in the room west of the diamond. Use your knife on the fireplace to get a message. Use the knife on the portrait to slash it open. Search the slashed portrait to find an ornate key.

Go back to the sewer and talk to Safalaan. Give him the sketches, and when you ask what to do now, he will tell you to go figure out the message. If you already got the key and the message, just speak to him again to move forward with the quest. Otherwise, you will have to go above, get the items, and return to Safalaan again.

11: Secret Lab
Items Required: Knife, Telegrab runes (provided)

Go back to Safalaan and talk to him, he will suggest you try to find the lab. To find the lab return to the connected building (central one of three) with the final ladder on the journey to the hideout. Climb down the ladder but instead of running west to the building with the fireplace go north. Open the door of the building and go north, then open the north door. Now head north-east along the eastern edge of the town until you come across another diamond shaped building (this is about eight buildings north of the connected building). Walk up the east side of the diamond building and enter the connected building directly south of it; this building should contain a bright golden tapestry easily spotted from outside. Go in and use a knife on the tapestry.

Darkness Of Hallowvale Tapestry

Walk through the slashed tapestry and use the ornate key on the Vampyre Statue. Open the door on the east wall and go down the stairs. There is a broken rune case directly west, containing runes for Telegrab. Cast Telegrab on the Haemalchemy Book to retrieve it, then return to the base.

Darkness Of Hallowvale Key

12: Ending!

After giving the Haemalchemy book to Safalaan, he will write you a message for Veliaf and give you a shortcut key, which can be used to open two previously locked doors. Teleport out or retrace your way back, but no matter how, get back to Burgh de Rott! Talk to Veliaf there and you have finished the quest!


  • 7000 Agility xp
  • 6000 Thieving xp
  • 2000 Construction xp
  • Tome of Experience, giving 2000 experience in any 3 skills over level 30.
  • Ability to play the Burgh De Rott Ramble Minigame.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • To find the next obstacle or step through the town, try mousing the area - a spot showing "walk here/2 more options" usually has something to offer. You can also use your mouse and the mini-map to find gaps in the walls. If you look at the mini-map, you will see where the gaps in the building walls are. Each gap can have something done to it (a leap, a push, a crawl under, etc.). You can then use the right-click button on your mouse to see what your options are.
  • You will only be offered a trip to the mines by the Vyrewatch after you have entered Sector Six (the north east part of the town).
  • An alternative method of finding the Meiyerditch base, Chimney House, Secret lab, or other areas in sector six is to get yourself sent to the mines by the Vyrewatch. After mining 15 ores, placing them in the mine cart and asking for release, you will be in the most northern section of town. When you exit the mines you just head south, then south-east to find these familiar areas of the final sector.
  • Currently the Daeyalt ore from the Meiyerditch mines is non-tradeable. It is, however, bankable, but currently serves no purpose.
  • You can buy new Vyrewatch or shabby-looking Citizen clothing from Trader Sven in the southern part of town. Both clothing sets have a top, leggings, and boots. While the Vyrewatch clothing is fairly expensive (650gp for each piece), the shabby-looking Citizen clothes are dirt cheap (6gp for each piece). The Vyrewatch boots are also super high-heels for females.
  • Upstairs from the Fireplace/Portrait is a knife respawn.
  • The shortcut key can be placed on the keyring from the One Small Favour quest.
  • After the quest, you will have access to the Burgh De Rott Ramble Minigame - a return trip in Temple Trekking, where you can bring mercenaries down to Burgh De Rott.
  • You can reclaim a new shortcut key from Safalaan or Vertida (after completing The Branches of Darkmeyer) should you lose it.


Written by: Dogfever and SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, Foogaman, FuBai, Howlin1, ikkevincent, Jaffy1, Kwimbob, Mirrorforced, Robert Rdam, sam10187

Thanks to: 1C3m9n, Aurhora, Baffler, El_Snubbe, finmar, ForsakenMage, juno valor, Lokiz, nanuq7, Obi Wan 8800, Paw_Claw, Teng, zeestardust

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