In Aid of the Myreque

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Veliaf Hurtz at the Myreque hideout.


Skills: Level 25 Crafting, Level 7 Magic, Level 15 Mining

Misc: The ability to kill a level 84 enemy that is resistant to most weapons.

Items: 1 edible food item (either bring a Filled Druid pouch or at least 2 food items in case 1 gets rotted by Ghasts), 11 Planks, Swamp paste, Hammer, 2 Steel bars, 1 Mithril bar, 1 Silver bar, 1 Coal, 1 Cut Sapphire, about 20 Nails of any metal, Spade, or a Pot, 5 Buckets (less buckets work, but are slower), 10 Bronze Hatchets, 3 Tinderboxes, Silver sickle (b) (from Nature Spirit), a Rope, a Soft clay and 1 Cosmic Rune and 1 Water rune


Items: A Big net, food for Ivan (15 Cooked Salmon, Slimy eels, Stews, or Snails), Armour for Ivan (Steel chainbody, Steel platelegs, Steel med helm), Weapon for Ivan (Silver sickle). Decent armour and food for yourself.

Quests: Shades of Mort'ton, Allows you to use Razmire's shops to buy building materials (optional).

Monsters: Gadderanks (level 35), Vampyre Juvinate (level 50), Vampyre Juvinate (level 75), Vampyre Juvinate (level 84)

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Finding a New Base for The Myreque

Bank Bank Bank
Required: At least one edible food item (more if you do not have a Filled Druid pouch), 5 Buckets, Pot or Spade, around 20 Nails (any metal), a Hammer and 6 Planks.
Suggested: Druid Pouch, Silver sickle (b), Big net (because there is a 50:50 chance that you will need 10 mackerel (Raw or Cooked) for the quest, and there are mackerel fishing spots south of the village).

1. Go to the Myreque hideout. To get there, go down the trapdoor south of the bar in Canifis, then squeeze past (right-click) the first set of stalagmites to the east as seen on the below image. Talk to Veliaf Hurtz, ask him about the information and agree to help him.


2. Make your way to Mort'ton (head south from the Myreque stalagmite cave down to the door at south end of the passage, then exit through the door. Head south across the rope bridge, then make your way south and take the swamp boat).

3. When you have reached Mort'ton take the road going south and cross the bridge to Burgh de Rott.

4. Check the table and chest next to the fence and put some food into the chest. You will now be able to enter the town.

5. Talk to Florin. Ask him all the questions then ask about “out of the way” places. He will tell you about the basement of the inn.

6. Go to the inn (pub icon) and climb over the broken wall in the north-western corner. Mine the rubble to reveal a hidden trapdoor.

In Aid Myreque Cleaning Up

7. Head down the trapdoor into the basement. You must clean up the 15 piles of rubble in the basement. Mine it and scoop it up with your spade and buckets. After you have filled your buckets, take them upstairs and use the nearby rubble heap to empty them.

Note that if you leave rubbish items on the floor and leave they will become rocks again.

8. While clearing the rubble you will find a plaster fragment, a dusty scroll and some nails. You should have seven slots in your inventory free at all times to get all of the scrolls and other debris. Keep all of the nails, but you can read and throw away whatever else you pick up in the rubble.

Rebuilding Burgh de Rott

9. Now you need to help the citizens. Talk to the general store owner. First he needs you to fix the walls and roof of the building. Climb to the roof, use your planks (you need 3) on the roof with a hammer and nails in your inventory to fix it. Then head back downstairs and use your planks (again 3 with the hammer and nails in your inventory) on the damaged wall.

10. Talk to the general store owner again. He will give you a crate; you have to fill it with three tinderboxes, either 10 mackerel (raw or cooked) or 10 snails, and 10 bronze hatchets.

  1. If he asks for snails, go kill snails to the west of Mort'ton and get 10 meats.
  2. If he asks for mackerel, fish the spots to the south with your big net to catch 10 mackerel.

11. Put either the snails or the mackerel in the crate, then go back to a bank (see below). Fill the crate with the 10 bronze hatchets and 3 tinderboxes immediately to save inventory space.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 10 Bronze Hatchets, 3 Tinderboxes, 5 Planks, Nails (the amount you have left over should be enough), Hammer, Swamp paste
Suggested: Druid Pouch, Silver sickle (b)

12. Return to Burgh de Rott, as you did in step 2. Head back to the General Store and give the owner the crate of supplies. Ask him what to do next. He will suggest the bank be repaired.

13. Head south of the general store and talk to Cornelius at the bank. Then, use 2 planks, a hammer and a swamp paste on the broken booth to fix it. Then use 3 planks, nails, and a hammer on the broken wall outside behind the booths.

14. Ask Cornelius, who is in the bank, what needs to be done and ask if he wants the job in the bank. He will start to work in the bank and you can use it from now on.

Bank Bank Bank
Burgh de Rott
Required: 2 Steel bars, Nails (the amount you have left over should be enough), a Hammer, 1 Coal, 1 Tinderbox, and a Silver sickle (b) (or any other silver weapon).
Suggested: Decent armour and food.

15. Return to the general store and ask the owner what needs to be done. He will ask you to fix the furnace. Head south-east to the furnace and with a hammer in your inventory, use the 2 steel bars on the furnace to patch up the hole. Put a coal in it, and light the fire with a tinderbox.

In Aid Myreque Cutscene

Moving In

16. After the cutscene return to the general store (if you haven't already, get your armour and silver sickle(b) from the bank in Burgh de Rott). Talk to Gadderanks, he will tell you that the general store is now used to collect the blood tithes. Talk to the vampyres and people in the general store until the screen blacks out.

17. Wield your blessed silver sickle (any silver weapon works well) and begin to attack the Vampyre Juvinates. During the fight Veliaf will come to help you battle them. When they have fled, kill Gadderanks with any weapon (but don't use poison because that will mess up the storyline and you will have to redo the fight).

18. When Gadderanks' health drops to zero, you will be able to speak with him. He will try to tell you the Vampyres' weakness: the recipe for the Guthix Balance Potion. When he dies speak to Veliaf and he will tell you to meet him at the old hideout.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Decent armour and a Silver sickle (b)
Suggested: Food (for yourself), weapon & armour for Ivan (Steel medium helmet, Steel chainbody, Steel platelegs), and a Silver sickle), 15 food for Ivan (can be Cooked snails (any type), Salmon, Slimy eels or Stews).

19. Head to the Myreque hideout in Canifis now and talk to Veliaf again. He will ask you to talk to the others to move out and help Ivan out. Talk to Radigad and Polmafi and they will know to move out too.

20. If you have wisely decided to give Ivan armour, food and a sickle weapon, use them on him before leaving the base. This equipment will increase his ability to survive attacks by the Vampyres. Make sure you are ready for the coming battles with either two level 75 Vampyre Juvinates (route one) or four level 50 Vampyre Juvinates (route two). When you are ready, talk with him to begin the journey to the Paterdomus Temple. Route 1 is much easier and is highly recommended as the Vampyre Juvinates will not attack Ivan on this route.

21. You will be attacked by Vampyre Juvinates. If you have chosen route one, kill both level 75 monsters, then leave the area. Ivan will be safe. If you took route two, you will also need to protect Ivan as well! You should try to get Ivan in the slot of the bushes so you can easily fight the level 50 vampyres while Ivan is safe. Another method of keeping Ivan safe is to attack all of the vampyres before they attack Ivan and alternate fighting between them to distract them.

Users have reported that having a pet outside your backpack will cause you to lose it.

The Rod of Ivandis

22. When you reach the Salve temple go inside and talk to Father Drezel. Talk to him about all options and he will reluctantly give you a temple library key. Use the key with the keyhole on the grey door east of Drezel and a trapdoor will open.


23. Go down and search the bookcases. Read the three books you find there to discover the history of Morytania and the Seven Priests. You will discover that one of the priests is not buried with the rest and is buried in secret passage behind the Canifis pub.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 1 Hammer, 1 Soft clay, 1 Silver bar, 1 Mithril bar, 1 Sapphire, 1 Rope, 1 Water rune, 1 Cosmic rune
Suggested: Druid pouch, Silver sickle (b)

24. Head to the passage south of the Canifis pub, pass through the fake wall and immediately to the east there should be a cave covered with some wooden boards. Smash them with the hammer to break away the planks, and enter the cave. Head to the end of the cave and use your soft clay on the tomb to obtain rod clay mould.

In Aid Myreque Boards

25. Head to a furnace (Lumbridge, Al Kharid or Port Phasmatys are good) and use one of the bars on it while having a mithril bar, silver bar, a cut sapphire and the mould in inventory, and make a silvthrill rod. Then cast a level 1 Enchant Jewellery on it.

26. Head back to the Paterdomus temple west of Canifis and use your rod on the well whilst having a rope in your inventory. You will lower the the rod into the Holy river Salve and it will be enchanted with divine magic. You should now have a Rod of Ivandis (10).

27. Head back to Burgh de Rott as in step 2 and enter the basement of the Inn you cleared up earlier. Use the Rod with Veliaf and let him keep it to complete the quest.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Rod of Ivandis has a special effect that can only be used on Vampyre Juvinates or Juveniles (east of Burgh de Rott) that are at about 1/4 health. It will hold them in the air where you can then use a Guthix Balance potion on them. When the potion is used on them, they will either: turn human and give you a small gift of noted items; be killed; or be turned into full vampyres that can be damaged (and killed) by normal weapons.
  • Guthix Balance potion is made by adding a restore pot to garlic and silver dust (which is a silver bar that's gone through the ectofuntus bone grinder).
  • You can find three cloves of garlic from a chest in the pubs cellar in Burgh De Rott. These can be used to make the Guthix Balance potions.
  • You can note the required items then sell them to Razmire the store owner in Mort'ton. Buy them back to get them unnoted. It saves room but costs a little extra money.


Written by: Jaffy1

Special Thanks to: Eyehawk78, Kwimbob, & Pirkka

Thanks to: 10secondhero, Adam007, AllBogs, arevan, Baffler, Beethovens29, celer, Craven Image, datachange99, Elucin8er, franktheman, Howlin1, Jaffy1, johntoldme, jonno53, lady_ninane, Lord-Kain1, oddfaery2, Padme, powotae, S11m, santor, spling, Teemupets, War_Chipmunk, yoto32

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