Nature Spirit

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak with Drezel at the portal to Morytania.


Skills: Level 18 Crafting

Items: silver sickle, ghostspeak amulet

Note: Make sure you recharge your prayer points before starting this quest; you'll need them to use the sickle later on.

Monsters: Ghast (50)(must kill three)

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1. Speak with Drezel at the furthest point of the Salve Temple dungeon.

2. He will start you off on the quest and give you three meat pies and three apple pies. These are not required for the quest and you can do whatever you please with them. Note that the pies will rot in the swampland, along with any other food you bring into the swamp.

Swamp Map

3. After you've talked with Drezel, head through the portal and into Morytania. Go a bit south-east until you reach the swamp gate with Ulizius outside it. Walk through the gate (ignore the warning), and go as far south (and slightly west) as you can. You should see an island.


4. Go to the southern side of the island, and jump the bridge. Attempt to enter the grotto and Filliman Tarlock will appear. Try speaking with him and he will only speak gibberish.

5. Ghostspeak amulet: If you already have it from the Restless Ghost quest, go to the next step. If you don't have the amulet, go back to Drezel and tell him about the spirit: he will tell you about the amulet. You then have to go to the Lumbridge swamps and talk with Father Urhney (see map in the Restless Ghost quest guide.) He will give you the amulet. Go back to Filliman.

6. When talking with Filliman try to convince him that he's a ghost, and he won't believe you. Now pick up the washing bowl on the table to the west of Filliman, and under that you should find a mirror, pick it up and use it on Filliman. He will now believe that he is in fact a ghost.

7. Filliman will talk about his journal. To find this, search the Grotto, and then speak with him again. Filliman will talk about becoming a Nature Spirit. He will give you a druidic spell and tell you that he needs three things:

  • Something with faith:
    Go to Drezel and ask if he can bless you, he will tell you that you are the "something with faith". After that go back to Filliman's island.

  • Something of nature:
    Cast the druid spell near some of the rotting logs. When you've done that, pick a fungus up, and head back to Filliman.

  • Something of a spirit-to-become freely given:
    This is your spell. Nothing much to say about that.

8. Then search the three stones on the ground around Filliman and use the fungus on the nature stone, the spell paper on the spirit stone, and stand on top of the faith stone yourself. Speak with Filliman and say that you have figured out the puzzle. He will cast a spell, and become a nature spirit. Enter the Grotto, and click the "Search Grotto" option right in the middle and Filliman will appear. Talk to him.

9. After you've entered the Grotto and spoken with Filliman, he will ask you to make a silver sickle. To do this you need a mould from the Al-Kharid crafting store, and a silver bar. Use the silver bar on a furnace (closest is in Al-Kharid) and make a sickle. Go back to Filliman in the Grotto, and he will bless it for you.

Note: make sure you have prayer points, you need them to use the sickle.

10. Now he will give you a druid pouch and ask you to kill three of the ghasts outside. To prepare for this, you will need to right-click your sickle: while wielding it, choose "Operate", or while it's in your inventory, choose "Cast bloom". Do this near some rotting logs and dead bushes in the swamp. Pick up the pieces of nature that appear around you. When you have three, choose "fill" on your druid pouch, and then try to locate some of the ghasts.

11. When a ghast tries to attack you now, they will become visible, and you can attack them. Kill three ghasts and go back to Filliman. Quest complete!



Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can make as many silver sickle as you like. Bless them inside the grotto at the nature altar. The extras can be used as placeholders in your bank.
  • You do not need to have level 18 Crafting to start this quest.
  • Do not bring food you are not willing to lose into the swamp. It will rot and become inedible.


Written by: Deadman Andy, Ks Jeppe, and loo5e kill3r

Thanks to: Cameron, Cowman_133, Da_Dawg, Grappler, Jaffy1, juanitodud00, Kill_Life, LadyShahdie, Lizardo14, Purepk3r4lyf, rikasharu, UnitOne

Last updated: 23-Dec-2017

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