In Search of the Myreque

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Go to the "Hair of the Dog" tavern found in Canifis. Talk to Vanstrom Klause located at the quest start symbol on your mini map and tell him that you'll help him.


Quests: Nature Spirit

Skills: Level 25 Agility

Other: Be able to defeat a level 97 skeleton dog.

Items: 1 Steel long sword, 2 Steel short swords, 1 Steel dagger, 1 Steel mace, 1 Steel war hammer, 75 Steel nails, 6 Planks, Hammer, few gp (100 should be enough), Druid pouch (containing at least 5 nature items), Silver sickle (b)


Skills: Level 43 Prayer for lower leveled players (Protect from Melee)

Items: Ring of charos (a), combat potions, food

Monsters: Skeletal Hellhound (level 97)

NPCs: Curpile Fyod, Cyreg Paddlehorn, Harold Evans, Ivan Strom, Polmafi Ferdygris, Radigad Ponfit, Sani Piliu, Vanstrom Klause, Veliaf Hurtz

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1: Starting out

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 1 Steel long sword, 2 Steel short swords, 1 Steel dagger, 1 Steel mace, 1 Steel war hammer, 75 Steel nails, 6 Planks, Hammer, few gp (100 should be enough), Druid pouch (containing at least 5 nature items), Silver sickle (b)
Suggested: Ring of charos (a), combat potions, food

Vanstrom Klause tells you to get: 1 steel long sword, 2 steel short sword, 1 steel dagger, 1 steel mace, 1 steel war hammer. Make sure you get these from your bank. If not yet in your inventory, retrieve these items from your bank. If you don't have them yet, you can smith them at level 39. See the Steel smithing tables for more info.

2: The boatman

Make sure you have all the required items as shown at the top of the guide. Now you can go to Mort'ton which is located south of the Mort Myre swamp. You will run into some Ghasts. They will attack you and you will automatically use your druid pouch. (If you dropped your druid pouch after the Nature Spirit quest, you can get another from the respawn in the grotto.) Whenever you have less then 10 items left in your druid pouch, use your silver sickle (b) to Cast-bloom while standing near rotten items in the swamp, causing Mort Myre items to bloom. Grab these. (For more info see the Nature Spirit Quest guide.) If you have these 10, travel on south to Mort'ton. Go to the east of Mort'ton and search for a boat. Next to the boat you will find the boatman called Cyreg Paddlehorn. Talk to him. (If you find the Shades keep interrupting your discussion, position yourself behind the crates so they cannot get at you.)

Persuade the boatman to take you to the Myreque. To do this, first choose the second option a few times. After a while you'll notice you're going in circles. After this pick options to say that the Myreque can't survive without their weapons and that their death will be his fault. If you simply try all the options (except "ok, thanks") you'll eventually get him to agree. He will tell you that you need to go through Mort Myre so you will need protection from the ghasts. Make sure you have enough items in your druid pouch, at least 10 should do. Now the boatman will tell you that he needs 3 planks. Agree to give them to him. After this you can ask him several questions for information you will need later on.

Try to use the boat. The boatman will ask you for 10 coins, agree with this price or if you have your Ring of charos (a) you can charm him to let you go for free. You will see a map and the route you travel with your boat. You will arrive in the "hollows".

3: Curpile

From your boat, go north until you find a tree with a bridge to another tree. Climb the tree and try to cross the first part of the bridge. The bridge will break. You will need to repair each part of the bridge before passing. Each part will take a plank and 25 steel nails. On the other side, climb down and you'll see a large tree. In front of it there is a guard called Curpile Fyod. Talk to him.

4: Three questions

When talking to the guard choose the upper option, you will be asked 3 questions. Try your best at the answers. Here are a few possible questions:

  • Who is the youngest - Ivan Strom
  • Who is the leader - Veliaf Hurtz
  • Which family rules Morytania - Drakan
  • Who is the boatman - Cyreg Paddlehorn
  • Which member was originally a scholar - Polmafi Ferdygris
  • Who is the only female - Sani Piliu

5: The Myreque hideout

Behind the tree is a door hidden in the ground. Enter the door to get into the hideout.

Myreque Dungeon

Go towards the north-west. About halfway up the corridor you'll find an small entrance with a stalagmite in front of it on the east side of the corridor. If you have 25 agility you can squeeze through it. Inside you'll find the Myreque! Talk to Veliaf Hurtz, the leader of the group. Tell him about the weapons. He'll be pleased you brought them but is busy right now. You can introduce yourself to the other members first. Do so by talking to each of them. If you forget which members you've talked to, talk to Veliaf and you'll get a checklist.

6: Vanstrom the vampyre

Talk to Veliaf again. Give him the weapons. When you do so, a cloud will appear. Out of the cloud comes Vanstrom. He has followed you and turns out to be double-crossing you. He's a vampyre! He will kill 2 of the Myreque. You'll attempt to stop him, but he disappears and summons a hellhound to kill you instead. Defeat the level 97 hell-hound. It should be fairly easy, especially with protect from melee. You will get 4 big bones and 2 uncut rubies as drops after defeating it. Talk to Veliaf again and ask him "How do I get out of here?" to unlock the searchable wall to exit.

7: Finishing off

Go outside to the main chamber of the underground area. From here, head to the opposite end of where you entered. You will find a strange wall. You can go through it now by searching it. Go up the ladder and you are now back in Canifis. Go back to the starting point of the quest. It turns out that Vanstrom has disappeared, but there is a stranger on his place. Talk to him for your reward.

Congratulations you have completed the "In search of the Myreque" quest!


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: Empror1 and Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: blooped254, Cowman_133, Cruiser, Eeeeediot, eissw, franktheman, Howlin1, Jesse_1321, Jwn Master, Panix, tripsis, xernon

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