Dig Site, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Long

Start location: East of Varrock there will be a path heading south, follow it until you come to a gate. Go through the gate and go into the building ahead. Talk to the Examiner to start the quest.


Skills: Level 10 Agility, Level 10 Herblore, Level 25 Thieving

Items: Cup of tea, Leather boots, Leather gloves, Pestle and mortar, Empty vial, Tinderbox


Items: Uncut opal (this will save time, but the opal can also be obtained during the quest), Varrock teleport runes, 2 Ropes

Monsters: Evading level 22 Skeletons

NPCs: Archaeological expert, Curator Haig Halen, Digsite workman, Examiner, Panning guide, Student -Digsite-

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1. Talk to any Examiner at the Examination Centre to start the quest.

2. Go to the Varrock Museum and talk to the Curator and ask him to sign your recommendation (unstamped letter).

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Cup of tea, Sealed letter
Suggested: Uncut opal, Varrock teleport runes

Lost items:

3. Return to the Examination Centre and give the recommendation to an Examiner. If you take the exam now, no matter what answer you pick you will always be wrong. To learn the correct answers you must go to the digsite, which is north of the building you are in. Once in the digsite, talk to all three of the students and ask them to help you with your test. Each will ask you to return their lost item.

The animal skull:

4. This can be found by pickpocketing a workman in the digsite until you find an animal skull. While you're pickpocketing, get a specimen brush as well, you will need this later on.

The special cup:

5. This one is in the river. Go back to the digsite, pick up a panning tray in the large tent and go talk to the Panning Guide. If you ask him if you can pan in the river he tells you he is thirsty, give him the tea and he will let you pan in the river. Continue to pan all of the spots you can reach from that side of the river until you find the cup. If you did not bring an uncut opal, you should also continue panning the river until you obtain one in your panning tray.

The teddy bear:

6. This can be found in a bush south, between the digsite and the exam centre, by the large blue Urn. Search all the bushes until you find it (there should only be around 2 bushes there). If you don't find it in those bushes, check the bushes on the right of the path to leave on top of the hill. Hand over the items to the students and they will tell you the correct answers, remember them, or write them down whichever is easier.


7. Using the answers the students told you, complete the exam and receive your level 1 certificate. For the second and third level exam simply go ask each of the students the questions again and they will tell you the answers you need. When you have all the answers for the level 2 exam, go back and take it, then go back to get the answers for the level three exam. For the third exam, the female student will ask you for an Opal. Either give her the one you brought (optional), or pan in the river in different locations until you find the Opal, and then return to her for the answer.

If you wish you can show your exam certificates to the Curator at the Varrock Museum. It is not required to do so to continue the quest.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Leather boots, Leather gloves, Pestle and mortar, Empty vial, Tinderbox
Suggested: 2 Ropes

Talisman of Zaros:

8. Now go into the middle of the digsite and look for some sacks, search the sacks to find a specimen jar. Next you'll have to pickpocket a workman until you get a specimen brush; it can take some time, but you'll get it. After this go to any level 3 digsite and dig (by using your Trowel on the Soil) until you find an "Ancient Talisman". Bring this item to the Archaeological expert (in the exam centre) and use it on him. He will now allow you to go down into the northern winch by giving you an invitation letter; give it to any of the workmen.

Explosive ingredients:

9. If you didn't bring them, pickpocket a workman until you have 2 ropes. Use the first rope on the western winch and go down the hole.

Digsite mine map

10. Grab an Arcenia root and search the rocks (for some reason called Bricks) between you and the skeletons.

11. Now go and use your second rope on the eastern winch and go down into the mine shaft.

12. In the back of the mineshaft will be a workman, ask him about removing the rocks in the other cave and he will talk about an explosive compound and give you a chest key.

13. Search the specimen tray near the tent, you will find charcoal. Use the charcoal with your pestle and mortar to grind it into ground up charcoal.

14. Now open the chest in the tent with the key and take the chemical powder.

15. Use your trowel on one of the barrels marked with a skull and cross bones until it opens. Get the liquid from the barrel by using your empty vial on it.

Explosive Compound:

16. Take the unidentified liquid, chemical powder, charcoal and Arcenia root to the Archaeological expert back at the Exam Centre to the south. Use the chemical powder and unidentified liquid with the Archaeological expert to discover that the powder is Ammonium Nitrate and the liquid is Nitroglycerin. Be careful not to empty the vial. Put the Ammonium Nitrate into the vial with the Nitroglycerin, and then add the ground up charcoal and Arcenia Root to produce the Chemical Compound. Do not drop the compound or it will hit you hard, but cannot kill you.

Underground altar:

17. Go back to the digsite and enter the western winch again. You will notice the bricks are still blocking the way, but this time use your Chemical Compound on the bricks. Now use the tinderbox with the bricks to light it. This will clear the bricks out of the way. There will be some Skeletons inside that are level 22. Go past the skeletons and in the middle of the room pick up the stone tablet.

Zamorak the impostor:

18. Take the tablet back to the expert and he will tell you a nice little story and reward you.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can use any combination of gloves and boots other than leather for the quest.
  • Digging in the Digsite will earn you 8 XP.
  • You can get another trowel by speaking to the Examiner.
  • To dispose of unwanted Chemical compounds or other explosive mixtures you can empty the vial or alch them.
  • When digging in any Level 3 Digsite, you might find medium black helms.
  • Completion of this quest allows you to help the researchers at the Varrock Museum.
  • If you show the curator all three certificates, he will offer you either a fruit blast or a chocolate cake.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Sir Beachy

Thanks to: bhatter, blackhatter, Blackmike 1, Boatboi, boidaez, Bringerofserenity, Cancer moon, Casey38, Frothy_Loam, Howlin1, icemaiden1, iwatake, jonnyman23, Kerandalas, Lady_Shahdie, Lep1234, Locutus_Of_Borg, Lood333, occ51, Palomas, poppelton, Saphire704, Sare22au, Singularo, Sorator, Speedyshel, steven 11, sunmann99, tragicdreamz, Uberdude101, xxdelta9xx

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