Love Story

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: The barn north-east of Draynor Village, speak to Mabel.


Skills: Level 68 Construction, Level 67 Crafting, Level 77 Magic, Level 68 Smithing

Misc: The 7th subquest, Sir Amik Varze, of Recipe for Disaster needs to be completed.

Items: Chisel*, Steel bar OR Clockwork mechanism, Mithril bar, 2 Oak planks, Anti-dragon shield, weapons and armour (melee or ranged), food.
* The chisel on your toolbelt will work also.


Skills: High combat stats.

Items: Charged Glory Amulet (to easily access Draynor Village and for banking), 1 Antifire potion, Prayer potions if you have a low prayer level, Halberd, range weapon and ammo. See the boss battle section for weapon tactics.

Also note that if your house is in Rimmington, you can cast House Teleport or use the provided House Teletabs to return quickly to the House portal in Rimmington.

Monsters: Pit dog (level 90), Pit ogre (level 100), Pit rock protector (level 110), Pit scarabite (level 116), Pit black demon (level 120), Zenevivia (level 136), Pit iron dragon (level 204)

Walkthrough hide »

1. Barn House Crisis
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Charged Glory Amulet

Near the Lumbridge Windmill is a girl named Mabel sitting on a hay bale. Talk to her to find out she has left her ring in the first floor of the barn, and she wants you to get it for her. Climb up the ladder and you'll find the ring on the opposite end of the room with a bunch of hay bales in your way.

Love Story Puzzle1

This is a relatively simple puzzle. You can only push one or two haystacks in any given direction, so push the haystacks in such a way that you have a path to the ring. Grab the ring and you will hear mysterious explosions from below. Go down and you'll find a mysterious woman named Zenevivia and Mabel hiding in a sack.

Talk to Zenevivia, who will take Mabel's ring. For her to give Mabel her ring back, she will give you the daunting task of finding a twig in a hay bale. Search the hay bales in the barn and you will find a twig easily. After returning it to her, however, she will still refuse to give you the ring. Continue talking to her and find out she has a hatred for adventurers like you, and mentioning a hatred for Dionysus, better known as the Wise Old Man. She challenges both of you to find her and duel her. Accept her challenge, and she will teleport away.

2. House Tablet Breaking
Items Required: Chisel
Items Suggested: None

Talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor and he will tell you about Zenevivia, who is his long lost love. He mentions that after their "argument", she took his house from him in Rimmington. Now you must escort the Wise Old Man to the Rimmington House Portal. Note, however, you CANNOT use any teleports, as he must be following you the entire time.

However, when you reach the House Portal, you will find the Wise Old Man cannot access his house. There is an alternative method though, which he will teach you provided you have a chisel. Go to the north-eastern house in Rimmington, where he is waiting for you once you have a chisel. Talk to him to receive one hundred house teleport tablets. Follow his instructions and use the chisel to chip one of the teleport tablets he gives you. Align the nodes so that the magic can flow from the starting point to the finishing point on the upper half of the tablet. Note that magic CAN flow backwards, so use that to your advantage.

Love Story Puzzle Top Half Love Story Bottom Half Puzzle

When you solve the puzzle, break the tablet while standing next to the Wise Old Man and you will teleport into the Wise Old Man's house. You are then warned that if you die in the house, you WILL lose your items and your gravestone will appear in Rimmington. The Wise Old Man can also teleport you. He can send you outside of the house (Rimmington), to Falador, or to the Grand Exchange. Also, if you leave the House, you must create another chipped teletab and break it next to the Wise Old Man to re-access it — you do not have to redo the puzzle, though.

3. Wise Old Pits: The House Dungeon
Items Required: Steel bar OR Clockwork mechanism, Mithril bar, 2 Oak planks, Anti-dragon shield
Items Suggested: Food, Weapons, Armour, Antifire potion

Love Story DummyEnter her dungeon and you will quickly find the traps more than a match for you. Alternatively, you can speak to the Wise Old Man and have him enter the dungeon first. The Wise Old Man will explain that you must build a dummy to allow you to safely navigate the traps. Head to the workshop, which is north-west of the dungeon entrance. Sit down at the clockwork bench once you have turned the steel bar into a clockwork mechanism. You will follow the Wise Old Man's instructions automatically and create a Dummy.

Return to the dungeon entrance and send the dummy into the dungeon. You can now control the dummy like you control your character. You can deactivate the traps by simply walking on them. Walk around every room to deactivate the traps. There are two traps in every room except the Pit Scarabite room and rooms with stairs, there is only one. The deactivated traps will appear when you go in yourself.

When you are done, re-enter the dungeon in your human form. Kill the monster in each room to unlock the door and proceed. The Wise Old Man will assist you in killing the monsters. The final monster is the Pit Iron Dragon, so remember to equip your anti-dragon shield and drink your antifire potion. When you finish off the final monster, the Wise Old Man tells you more about his relationship before you leave the dungeon.

4. Love Bites: The Final Battle
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food, Weapons, Armour

Love Story BattleAfter a brief little chat, Zenevivia will attack you. She attacks mainly with magic. When she teleports onto a statue, she will cast flames at your feet which damage for 30-145 lifepoints every second you are on it. In addition, if you leave the room she will fill the area you are in with flames, dealing a lot of damage.

When she is on top of a statue platform, she can push you away if you are within melee distance and will start off with Protect from Magic prayer on. Using any melee weapon other than a halberd from two spaces away will result in her pushing you away. The strength ability "Kick" can knock her off her platform. Range equipment is highly recommended for this attack so you can run from the flames and attack her at the same time without getting pushed back. By ranging her, you will get one hit in, which will cause her to pray Protection from Missiles. Since she cannot protect against Magic while protecting against missiles, the Wise Old Man's spells will harm her in addition to your melee hits. She will not change prayers until she teleports again.

She can also cast Ancients spells, notably blood spells to heal herself with, so protect against magic at all times.

When you defeat her, there is a brief cutscene when the Wise Old Man and Zenevivia talk to each other and decide to try their love again. You will then appear in the Wise Old Man's Draynor estate; notice his blue party hat is now worn by Zenevivia. Talk to them and you'll find they plan to attack Wizard's Tower. Go upstairs and look through the telescope and watch their attack. When they are done, talk to them one last time to claim your reward.


  • 50,000 Construction XP
  • 50,000 Magic XP
  • 40,000 Smithing XP
  • 40,000 Crafting XP
  • 30,000 GP
  • Up to 99 Teleport to House teletabs
  • Ability to alter House Teletabs to go to different Player-Owned House Portals
  • Dark Stone house decorating style, 25% discount for employing servants, and ability to build Pit rooms in your Player-Owned House
  • Returning Mabel's Ring to Mabel will earn you a lamp worth 10k XP in any skill over 60
  • Cutting the tree next to Draynor bank with the guard in it yields a reward of 5,000 coins
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can beat the quest with a construction level lower than 68 by using methods such as Spicy stew or drinking Tea prior to leaving your house to boost your construction level to 68, however you must move fast as the boost fades quickly.
  • Before heading into the Wise Old Man's House, you may use the Customs Locker south of Rimmington after the completion of Rocking Out to bank any valuables or unnecessary items. Players who did not complete Rocking Out may also access the bank deposit box in the nearby Port Sarim by the Entrana Monks.
  • If you log out, you will log in inside the house where you left off, as opposed to outside the house portal. This means you can freely log out or make a bank trip since your progress is saved.
  • Using a weapon that can attack from 2 spaces such as the halberd or spear can be advantageous in your final fight.
  • You CAN use the Explorer's Ring 3 or 4 cabbage patch teleport when escorting the Wise Old Man from Draynor to Rimmington.
  • After the quest, you can travel to East Keldagrim (using the Grand Exchange mine cart would be the easiest option.) and talk a dwarf called Runvastr north-east of the Laughing Miner pub. He will give you a diary, which you can bring to the Wise Old Man in Draynor who will teach you how to chip House tablets into Trollheim Tablets.


Written by: Vhellcat and Zaaps1

Special thanks to: Xena_Dragon

Thanks to: akim-ka, Aurhora, BLONDEFYRE, Crybaby111, Diesel, Game_Freak67, Irma Redwing, Jaffy1, Johannas, John, Juhniz, Kimberly, RoxaneMyrane, sunbladedrgn, Wachtwoord, Water

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