Shades of Mort'ton

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Make your way to the town of Mort'ton, in the southern part of Mort Myre Swamp.


Skills: Level 20 Crafting, Level 15 Herblore

Items: Hatchet, Tinderbox, 2 Logs (or 1 log and Ashes), a few Tarromin potion (unf) (use Tarromin with Vial of water), and around 5,000 gp.


Items: Druid Pouch (filled), Blessed silver sickle (for protection from Ghasts), Flamtaer Hammer (for faster temple rebuilding)

Monsters: Loar shadow (level 84) (must kill 5)

NPCs: Razmire Keelgan, Ulsquire Shauncy

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Getting There

Note: Before starting this quest it may be useful to log in to world 88 for the Temple Building activity this quest requires for completion

1. To begin this quest you must travel to Mort'ton, this is not as easy as it may seem however as you will have to travel through the Mort Myre Swamp. Negotiating this swamp is difficult, you may get lost and will be attacked by Ghasts. It helps to place a marker on the world map to help navigate. If you have access to the Fairy Ring Network, code BKR will take you to the Mort Myre Swamp.

Note that Ghasts cannot be attacked in their normal form and will turn any food in your inventory rotten. If you have completed the Nature Spirit quest, you may want to bring the Druid Pouch and Blessed silver sickle you will have made. This (when filled) allows you to attack the Ghasts and prevents your food from turning rotten.

2. Once you have reached the town, locate the small building in the south west, you should notice it on the minimap as it is full of broken glass. Search the table and then the shelf to obtain some herbs and a diary. Read the diary to discover what has happened to the residents of Mort'ton. You should now have started the quest.

Mortton Map

Making some sense

3. Make up a Serum 207 as instructed in the diary. Mix a clean Tarromin and some Ashes in a Vial of water (you can get some ashes by burning a fire).

4. Travel north to the General store and locate the owner, Razmire. You will find you are unable to communicate with him, so use a dose of Serum 207 on him to temporarily cure him. He will ask you to go north to the temple and kill 5 Loar shadows, however you can kill any of them around the town. Gather their remains and return to Razmire.

5. Take the remains to Ulsquire, who is in the building to the east of Razmire (look for the water icon on the minimap). Use a dose of Serum 207 on him and speak to him. He will ask you about fixing the temple. Drop all but one the Loar remains, you will need it later.

6. Return to Razamire and buy 2 vials of olive oil and a hammer from his general store. Speak to him again to access the building supplies store. Buy some timber beams, limestone bricks and swamp paste (about 5-10 of each should do).

Rebuilding the temple

7. Now go to the temple to the north-east to start rebuilding it. Be aware that a team of people is necessary for this minigame - some to build, and some to fight off the attacking shades. (World 88 is the best place to do this.) As you build or fight off shades, you accrue Sanctity (shown on the top right of your screen). When the temple is 100% built (this is also displayed on your screen), anyone can use a tinderbox in the centre to light the sacred flame. When your sanctity is at least 10%, use your olive oil on the sacred flame to get sacred oil.

8. Leave the temple area and cut down a tree, use the sacred oil on the log to obtain a Pyre log. Find a funeral pyre, these are located around the edge of the town. Place the pyre logs on it, and then the Loar shade remains, use your tinderbox to light it. A reward, such as a key or some gp should appear on the pyre. Pick it up and return to Ulsquire. He will reward you and you will complete the quest.

Shadesofmortton Key


  • 2,000 herblore exp (extra herblore exp if you use the diary on the Apothecary in Varrock)
  • 2,000 crafting exp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you can't find enough people to rebuild the temple, go to world 88 - this is the themed world for Temple building. Alternatively, check forums for groups who have posted about going to the temple, and go with them.
  • If you want to build the temple easier, you can buy a Flamtaer Hammer from the general store of Mort'ton for a price of 13k. It makes temple repairing much easier.
  • The key you may receive is for the doors to the north-west - the entrance to the shade tombs. Inside you'll find chests, shades, and doors that must be unlocked to progress deeper into the dungeon. The deeper levels have more rewarding chests, but higher level shades. To open the doors and the chests you need to get different keys. This requires the same procedure as with the first key. Kill the different shades (the higher level shades need higher level pyre logs, such as yew or magic, to burn), and you will eventually get some keys. See the Temple Building Guide for more details.
  • Use a serum 207 on the sacred flame with a sanctity of 20% or more to make a serum 208 which will permanently cure 'Afflicted' NPC's in Mort'ton.
  • You may still use serum 208 on 'Afflicted Citizens' after the quest. They will reward you with herbs, cash or some other items.


Written by: Eyehawk78 and Ks Jeppe

Special Thanks to: Jaffy1

Thanks to: Banxer, Cameron, Compss, Cowman_133, Exz, FearoX, Howlin1, Jammy316, katethebomb, Loge_05, LordNomad, Melarish

Last updated: 19-Nov-2013

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