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Into The Wild

An accompanying article written by Evaluate and edited by hawkxs

RuneScape's PVP system was a major part of the game, setting it apart from other MMORPGs by providing variety in a genre of games that isn't usually noted for having a vast amoun...

A Day in a Life in RuneScape #2: Henrietta the Chicken

A fictional article written by ForsakenMage and edited by hawkxs

Henrietta was a normal chicken, living a somewhat peaceful life on the Falador Farm. Sure she lost a few feathers now and again, but they always grew back. But the one thing that b...

Did you know…

...that with the update to the Wilderness, you can get additional xp from using Jennica's ring on the portals to the spirit realm located around the wilderness. If you're already claimed your xp reward previously, simply go through a portal again to claim the extra xp. (Thanks to All_Bogs!)

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