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Summoning Guide Overhaul » 


Summoning is one of the most useful support skills in RuneScape and now is the first of our skill guides to receive a complete overhaul! It should now be easier to read, navigate and be completely up to date with all the latest content! Expect to see more guides get brought up to date in the next couple of months.

As ever, feel free to post any corrections or feedback in our Website Corrections & Updates forum!

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week, everyone knows chit just shouldn't be a regular occurrence.

We only have one article this time, so enjoy and don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions on the forum topic!

Dimension of Disaster & Some Calculator/Planner Updates » 

We are pleased to release our Dimension of Disaster quest guide - enjoy!

We have also been working on adding Treasure Hunter/other outfit bonuses, as suggested by Sorator over on our Forums, to our Skill Calculators and Planners, so be sure to check them out! We hope to be adding more, including clan avatar bonuses, in the near future.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions, or corrections in our Website Corrections and Updates forum.

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week in the Times, Alg finds the missing minigame plans.

Test your Aquarium knowledge in our latest crossword - is it sink or swim?

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

Tip.It Times - 300th Publication! » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This time in the Times, Arceus desires to unburn the bridges between med and high level players.

Kevjumba takes a look at a possible cause for the lack of new players.

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

New Position: Junior Crewbie Recruitment! » 


We are pleased to announce the opening of a new staff position: Junior Crewbie. And what's more, we are now recruiting for it! Junior Crewbies will have the job of being important collaborators to the regular Crew, and focus more on gathering and reliably confirming important information. As a Junior Crewbie you won't need to spend any time with the task of coding it in. Unlike most of our staff positions, new members are welcome to apply. You will need an account on our forums to apply, but if you don't have one yet, it is easy to make one.

To learn more and submit an application, please check the thread on our forums HERE.

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week in the Time, Alg thinks about lost time.

There is also something fishy with our latest crossword puzzle...

And finally, congratulations to Legoman187 for winning the last Picture Caption Contest! We hope to have another one soon.

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

Dishonour Among Thieves Quest Guide, Easter Event Guide & Portables in Skill Calculators » 

We hope you were entertained (or were fooled by) our April Fools' pranks yesterday.

However, on a more serious note, I'm pleased to make several announcements. Thanks to Howlin1's hard work, our Dishonour Among Thieves quest guide is complete!

We are also pleased to preset our Easter Event guide for Jagex's Holiday Event.

Finally, thanks to a suggestion from ThaFrenchFry on the Forums a while back, we have now included options for Portable skilling stations in some of our Cooking, Herblore, and Smithing calculators where applicable.

As ever, if you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, please be sure to let us know in our Website Corrections & Updates forum. Enjoy!

Choose a Quest & Sneak Peek at Treasure Hunter Items! » 

You told Jagex that you wanted a more lighthearted quest, and they listened. They've sent us a proposal for a list of 5 epic quests based off the originals. But don't let the similarities in the names fool you - these are very different to the originals. See our forum thread here for details, then vote for the one you want in our poll!

As if that wasn't enough, we've also had the good fortune to receive information about this week's Treasure Hunter promotion ahead of schedule. Several new items will be making their debut! First, magic unnotepaper will allow you to do the opposite of magic notepaper and burn through resources without all that tiresome running back to the back. Quest-skipping tokens, a super-rare reward, will allow you to skip a quest of your choice and earn all rewards instantly. Think of it as a space bar on steroids. Finally, there is something truly special coming to the rare slots: the rose-coloured glasses. They will allow you to see and play the game exactly as it was at ANY date in the past, without those annoying glitches! Enjoy, and we hope you find this newspost to truly be a first from Tip.It!

New Deputy Crew Leader and Staff List » 

If you've not yet heard, Arceus - as many of you will know from our Editorial Panel and Moderating team - has quickly leapt through our Website Crew ranks and added Deputy Crew Leader to his resume here at Tip.It!

Shortly after joining the moderating team, Arceus has also been an asset to the Crew by consistently pumping out quality content, countless database updates, and keeping the rest of us on our toes. As leader, he'll handle the more day-to-day tasks of Crew Leader such as assigning and maintaining a list of tasks an updates for Crew to take on. Stev will be taking this opportunity to take on a more behind-the-scenes type role; working on things a little more under the hood.

With the new staff hires, promotions, and retirees, it only seemed fitting to polish up our Staff List and give it a nice new look to give each staff member, past and present, the recognition they deserve. So if you're curious who and what it takes to keep Tip.It ticking, be sure to head on over and Meet The Staff.

With May drawing to a close, did you participate in the RuneScape Road Trip?

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