With an Open Fist - Fist of Guthix - otherwise known as the staple of 2010 F2P Magic training - enjoyed RuneScape's spotlight in more ways than one this past week. One of the few F2P (and formerly, m... » 

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RuneFest Reveals » 

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RuneFest is over for another year however the discussion of updates for 2016 revealed at the event has just begun. Some of the highlights include a new God Wars dungeon featuring factions from Seren and Tuska, a rework of the Mining and Smithing skills, three quests to finish off Sliske's storyline, a new game client, the Invention skill and much much more!

Click here to join the discussion on what looks like an exciting year ahead for RuneScape!

Slayer Guide Overhaul » 

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Slayer is one of the most popular and profitable skills in RuneScape and is the second of our skill guides to receive a complete overhaul! It should now be easier to read, navigate and be completely up to date with all the latest content!

As ever, feel free to post any corrections or feedback in our Website Corrections & Updates forum!

The Light Within & Balthazar's Big Raffle » 

We are proud to present our quest guide for The Light Within, thanks to Howlin's hard work!

You may also have noticed the return of a cheeky fellow named Balthazar shouting through a bullhorn about a raffle and prizes. Below you can see information regarding the current day's prize on offer, or refer to our Balthazar's Big Raffle Guide for more detailed information.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to drop by Website Corrections & Updates with any corrections or comments!

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week in the Tip.It Times, Arceus is still in a FoG after last week's update.

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week in the Times, Alg reads the heavens.

We also have a crossword puzzle related to Tuska.

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

Hero's Welcome Quest Guide » 

We are proud to announce our quest guide for RuneScape's latest quest, Hero's Welcome. Special thanks go to Howlin for all his hard work on the guide. Keep it close at hand as you discover more about V in case you get stuck!

Heros Welcome Quest Banner

On another note, Jagex has recently released an event, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) about big cats recently to help raise awareness about these animals. Should you choose to participate, there are cute pets and other rewards in store for you as well! Find out more information on it in our Big Cats page.

Summer Beach Party Guide » 

With the heat of the summer on in full force, Jagex have released a Summer Beach Party event, and here at Tip.It we have been hard at work on a guide for you. The event includes a repeatable boss that drops everything from water balloons to ice cream. Click the banner below for more information!

We have also released our New Varrock Task Guide. Thanks to Omnitec for making the map, and to Earmuffs, Leah LKN, and DatPeko for the information on the tasks themselves!

As ever, any comments or corrections are welcome in our Website Corrections & Updates forum. Enjoy!

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week, Arceus doesn't want to be a dead man...

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

New Quest Requirement Calculator » 

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How many times have you dreamt of completing a quest? So, you rush on over here to Tip.It to see exactly what quests, points, and skills it requires. As expected, we do a pretty good job of providing you with that, right? Right?

You've been lied to! Anywhere you look, While Guthix Sleeps has seven skill requirements to complete it. However, just having those seven skills alongside the required quest points won't be enough! Why? Because the quests required by While Guthix Sleeps demand skills like 55 Woodcutting. In total, While Guthix Sleeps requires a whopping 52 quests, 270 quest points, and 23 skills. You won't see those in a quest guide!

Once again, Tip.It is pleased to provide you with what we hope to become one of our most useful tools for you questers. The Quest Requirement Calculator displays the real requirements to complete a quest. Recursing through each and every required quest, we're sure we haven't missed any!

The Quest Requirement Calculator can be found on in our Special Calculators area of the website.

UPDATED - Tuska World Event & Ability Book Rework » 

Update: We have added in a few changes to the guide to reflect changes in World Event mechanics made by Jagex earlier today. We have also added a score updated in real time to the page and below. Note that yellow represents the Godless faction, red is for Zamorak, Silver for Armadyl, and blue Saradomin. The percentage indicates the portion of the required daily contribution to fend off Tuska for the day that has been earned.

Tuska is making her approach to Gielinor, devouring worlds along her way...do you have what it takes to help stop her? Check out our Tuska World Event guide and be prepared, not eaten!

This event has completed.

We have also updated information in our Ability Book guide to bring it up-to-date on EoC combat. If you are trying out Evolution of Combat for the first time or want to show someone, there is a special section to give you the ability to get started!

As ever, any corrections or suggestions are welcome in our Website Corrections and Updates forum, and enjoy!

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