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Items Database
Pic Name Tags Members Quest
R sigil R sigil Quest-only Yes Yes
Rabbit bone Rabbit bone Quest-only Yes Yes
Rabbit foot Rabbit foot Crafting, Raw material Yes No
Rabbit mould Rabbit mould Discontinued, Holiday Event No No
Rabbit sandwich Rabbit sandwich Foods No No
Rabbit snare Rabbit snare Hunter, Tool Yes No
Raccoon Raccoon Pet Yes No
Racing boots Racing boots Minigame, Tool No No
Radiant alchemist's amulet Radiant alchemist's amulet Amulet, Discontinued, Squeal of Fortune Yes No
Radiant energy Radiant energy Divination Yes No
Radiant energy -dg- Radiant energy -dg- Divination, Dungeoneering Yes No
Radiant memory Radiant memory Divination Yes No
Radiant memory -dg- Radiant memory -dg- Divination, Dungeoneering Yes No
Radimus notes Radimus notes Book, Quest-only Yes Yes
Raf xp boost scroll Raf xp boost scroll Discontinued, Other Yes No
Raffle ticket Raffle ticket Discontinued, Holiday Item, Useless Yes No
Raffle ticket -2015- Raffle ticket -2015- Holiday Item Yes No
Raffle ticket -2017- Raffle ticket -2017- Holiday Item Yes No
Rag -Tutorial- Rag -Tutorial- Quest-only No Yes
Ragefire boots Ragefire boots Armour, Boots, Mage Yes No
Ragefire gland Ragefire gland Raw material Yes No
Ragged book Ragged book Book, Quest-only Yes Yes
Ragged elemental key Ragged elemental key Key, Quest-only Yes Yes
Raider axe Raider axe Melee, Weapon Yes No
Raider axe -Mazcab- Raider axe -Mazcab- Minigame Yes No
Raider chainbody Raider chainbody Armour, Melee Yes No
Raider shield Raider shield Armour, Melee, Shield Yes No
Railing Railing Quest-only Yes Yes
Rainbow afro Rainbow afro Clothing, Head Yes No
Rainbow bow token Rainbow bow token Treasure Hunter No No
Rainbow fish Rainbow fish Fish, Foods Yes No
Rainbow kite Rainbow kite Holiday Event, Holiday Item No No
Rainbow parasol Rainbow parasol Treasure Hunter No No
Rake Rake Farming, Tool No No
Rake handle Rake handle Quest Yes Yes
Rake head Rake head Quest Yes Yes
Ralph pet Ralph pet Pet, Thieving Yes No
Ralvash's memory Ralvash's memory Quest Yes Yes
Ralvash's memory -book- Ralvash's memory -book- Book Yes Yes
Ram skull Ram skull Quest-only Yes Yes
Ram skull helm Ram skull helm Armour Yes Yes
Ram skull helm (e) Ram skull helm (e) Armour Yes Yes
Rambler's backpack Rambler's backpack Armour, Minigame Yes No
Ramokee feet Ramokee feet Boots, Cosmetic No No
Ramokee hands Ramokee hands Cosmetic, Gloves No No
Ramokee headwear Ramokee headwear Cosmetic, Head No No
Ramokee legs Ramokee legs Cosmetic, Legs No No
Ramokee torso Ramokee torso Cosmetic, Torso No No
Ramrod Ramrod Quest-only Yes Yes
Ranarr potion (unf) Ranarr potion (unf) Potion, Unfinished Yes No

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