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Items Database
Pic Name Tags Members Quest
Hallowed boots Hallowed boots Boots, Discontinued, Holiday Item Yes No
Hallowed cloak Hallowed cloak Cape, Discontinued, Holiday Item No No
Hallowed gloves Hallowed gloves Discontinued, Gloves, Holiday Item Yes No
Hallowed hood Hallowed hood Discontinued, Head, Holiday Item Yes No
Hallowed robe skirt Hallowed robe skirt Discontinued, Holiday Item, Legs Yes No
Hallowed torso Hallowed torso Discontinued, Holiday Item, Torso Yes No
Hammer Hammer Smithing, Tool No No
Hammer -Dungeoneering- Hammer -Dungeoneering- Dungeoneering, Smithing, Tool No No
Hammer (o) Hammer (o) Dungeoneering, Tool No No
Hammer-tron Hammer-tron Invention, Tool Yes No
Hammerstone hops Hammerstone hops Drinks, Unfinished No No
Hammerstone seed Hammerstone seed Farming, Raw material No No
Hamper Hamper Foods No No
Hand -back to my roots- Hand -back to my roots- Minigame Yes Yes
Hand -rocking out- Hand -rocking out- Quest-only Yes Yes
Hand bone -unpolished- Hand bone -unpolished- Quest-only Yes Yes
Hand cannon Hand cannon Ranger, Weapon Yes Yes
Hand cannon shot Hand cannon shot Ammunition Yes No
Hand mirror Hand mirror Quest-only Yes Yes
Handful of straw Handful of straw Discontinued, Farming, Treasure Hunter Yes No
Handheld masquerade mask Handheld masquerade mask Treasure Hunter No No
Handwritten message Handwritten message Book, Quest No No
Hangover cure Hangover cure Quest-only Yes Yes
Hannibus Hunted Hannibus Hunted Book Yes Yes
Hard hat Hard hat Equipable, Quest-only Yes Yes
Hard leather Hard leather Crafting, Raw material No No
Hard leather body Hard leather body Armour, Ranger No No
Hard leather boots Hard leather boots Armour, Boots, Ranger No No
Hard leather chaps Hard leather chaps Boots, Ranger No No
Hard leather cowl Hard leather cowl Boots, Ranger No No
Hard leather gloves Hard leather gloves Armour, Gloves, Ranger No No
Hard leather shield Hard leather shield Armour, Ranger, Shield No No
Hardened dragon bones Hardened dragon bones Prayer, Raw material Yes No
Hardened straight root Hardened straight root Fletching, Raw material Yes No
Hardy gout tubers Hardy gout tubers Quest-only Yes Yes
Hari's flying hatchet Hari's flying hatchet Holiday Event No No
Harmonic dust Harmonic dust Raw material, Smithing Yes No
Harmony aura Harmony aura Auras, Tier 1 Yes No
Harmony moss Harmony moss Farming Yes No
Harmony moss seed Harmony moss seed Farming Yes No
Harpoon Harpoon Fishing, Tool No No
Harpoon (class 1) Harpoon (class 1) Minigame, Tool Yes No
Harpoon (class 2) Harpoon (class 2) Minigame, Tool Yes No
Harpoon (class 3) Harpoon (class 3) Minigame, Tool Yes No
Harpoon (class 4) Harpoon (class 4) Minigame, Tool Yes No
Harpoon (class 5) Harpoon (class 5) Minigame, Tool Yes No
Harpoon plans Harpoon plans Quest-only Yes Yes
Harralander potion (unf) Harralander potion (unf) Potion, Unfinished Yes No
Harralander seed Harralander seed Farming, Raw material Yes No
Harralander tar Harralander tar Ammunition Yes No

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