NPC Database

This NPC database is currently under construction, and will contain information about every non-player character, or NPC, in RuneScape. It contains detailed information such as an NPC's name, examine, location, and more. You can search by keywords, or by race. You can also sort each column by clicking on the column name. We hope this NPC database helps you in your RuneScape adventures.

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36 NPCs returned.

NPC Database
NPC Name Race Members
Abel Dwarf No
Aksel Dwarf No
Alviss Dwarf Yes
Ambassador Alvijar Dwarf Yes
Boric Dwarf No
Commander Yodri Dwarf No
Donal Dwarf Yes
Dondakan the Dwarf Dwarf Yes
Doric Dwarf No
Dororan Dwarf No
Dwarf -Mining Guild- Dwarf No
Dwarf -Plagues End- Dwarf Yes
Dwarven Engineer Dwarf Yes
Dwarven engineer -2015 Easter event- Dwarf No
Dwarven Ferryman Dwarf Yes
Egil Dwarf No
Elof Dwarf No
Ferd Dwarf Yes
Fullangr Dwarf Yes
Gudrik Dwarf No
Hofuthand Dwarf No
Isak Dwarf No
Jari Dwarf Yes
Khorvak, a dwarven engineer Dwarf Yes
King Veldaban Dwarf Yes
Lava-flow miner Dwarf Yes
Lava-flow miner Sven Dwarf No
Librarian Dwarf Yes
Rolad Dwarf Yes
Runvastr Dwarf Yes
Sten Dwarf No
Suak Dwarf No
Thaki the delivery dwarf Dwarf No
Thordur -Gower Quest- Dwarf No
Thorodin Dwarf Yes
Ticket dwarf Dwarf Yes

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