NPC Database

This NPC database is currently under construction, and will contain information about every non-player character, or NPC, in RuneScape. It contains detailed information such as an NPC's name, examine, location, and more. You can search by keywords, or by race. You can also sort each column by clicking on the column name. We hope this NPC database helps you in your RuneScape adventures.

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33 NPCs returned.

NPC Database
NPC Name Race Members
K'ril Tsutsaroth Demon Yes
Kamfreena Human No
Kaqemeex Human No
Kara-Meir Human No
Karil the Tainted Undead Yes
Karim Human No
Katrine -New Varrock- Undead Yes
Kaylee Human No
Kazemde Human Yes
Kelavan the Red Human Yes
Kelyn Elven Yes
Kennith Human Yes
Kent Human Yes
Kerapac Dragonkin Yes
Kharshai Mahjarrat Yes
Khnum Human No
Khoochak Animal No
Khorvak, a dwarven engineer Dwarf Yes
King Arthur Human Yes
King Black Dragon Dragon Yes
King Lathas Human Yes
King Percival Human Yes
King Roald Human No
King Vargas Human Yes
King Veldaban Dwarf Yes
Kjell Human No
Klarense Human No
Koftik Human Yes
Kohnen the Librarian Human Yes
Kortan Human Yes
Kree'arra Animal Yes
Kristlin Human No
Kuradal Human Yes

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