NPC Database

This NPC database is currently under construction, and will contain information about every non-player character, or NPC, in RuneScape. It contains detailed information such as an NPC's name, examine, location, and more. You can search by keywords, or by race. You can also sort each column by clicking on the column name. We hope this NPC database helps you in your RuneScape adventures.

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80 NPCs returned.

NPC Database
NPC Name Race Members
Magda Human No
Maggie Human No
Maid Human Yes
Major Mary Rancour Human No
Major Nigel Corothers Human No
Makeover Mage Human No
Malignius Mortifer Human No
Mami Rimba Human Yes
Man -Draynor Village- Human No
Mandrith Human No
Manni the Reveller Human Yes
Marcus Claus Demon No
Marfet Human No
Maria Human Yes
Marimbo God No
Marion Human Yes
Maris Human No
Marius Giste Human No
Mark Brodie Human No
Markus Human Yes
Martha Rehnison Human Yes
Martin the Master Gardener Human Yes
Martin Thwait Human Yes
Master Chef Animal No
Master Crafter Human No
Master Farmer Human Yes
Master fisher Human Yes
Matthias Human Yes
Mawnis Burowgar Human Yes
Mawrth Elven Yes
Max -Gower Quest- Human No
Mayor Hobb Human Yes
Mayor of Prifiddinas Elven Yes
Mazchna Demon Yes
Meg Human Yes
Megan Human No
Mei the Grey Human Yes
Melana Moonlander Human Yes
Melancholic imp Impling No
Memstix Human No
Mercenary Joe Human No
Merlin Human Yes
Meskhenet Human Yes
Meteora Human Yes
Mihail Human Yes
Miles Human No
Milk seller Human No
Mime Human No
Miner Magnus Human Yes
Mining instructor Animal No

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