NPC Database

This NPC database is currently under construction, and will contain information about every non-player character, or NPC, in RuneScape. It contains detailed information such as an NPC's name, examine, location, and more. You can search by keywords, or by race. You can also sort each column by clicking on the column name. We hope this NPC database helps you in your RuneScape adventures.

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53 NPCs returned.

NPC Database
NPC Name Race Members
Cabin boy Human Yes
Caden Azro Human No
Calin Human Yes
Candle-maker Human Yes
Cap'n Arnav Human Yes
Cap'n Izzy No-Beard Human Yes
Captain Barnaby Human Yes
Captain Bentley Human Yes
Captain Dalbur Gnome Yes
Carla Human Yes
Caroline Human Yes
Carpenter Kjallak Human Yes
Cassie Human No
Catalina Human Yes
Celestial Dragon Dragon Yes
Chaeldar Fairy Yes
Challenge Mistress Fara Gnome Yes
Challenge Mistress Heriau Elven Yes
Chaos Element Animal No
Char Auspah Yes
Charlie Human Yes
Charlie the Tramp Human No
Charlie the Tramp -New Varrock- Undead Yes
Chief servant Human Yes
Chieftain Gunthor Human No
Choleric imp Impling No
Chuck Animal Yes
Claire Hick Human No
Clay golem Animated Yes
Cleric of Zamorak -Death of Chivalry- Human No
Clive -Varrock- Human No
Coeden Animal Yes
Commander Akhomet (Imperial) Human Yes
Commander Yodri Dwarf No
Commander Zilyana Icyene Yes
Conservationist Rohit Sharma Human No
Cook -POH- Human Yes
Cook's brother Human No
Cookie Human Yes
Copernicus Glyph Gnome Yes
Cornelius Human Yes
Councillor Halgrive Human Yes
Count Check Vampyre No
Cres Animated Yes
Crispy the Cabbage Cabbage No
Croc Animal Yes
Crondis God Yes
Crone Human Yes
Crow Animal No
Crunchy and Tim Human No

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