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This NPC database is currently under construction, and will contain information about every non-player character, or NPC, in RuneScape. It contains detailed information such as an NPC's name, examine, location, and more. You can search by keywords, or by race. You can also sort each column by clicking on the column name. We hope this NPC database helps you in your RuneScape adventures.

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116 NPCs returned.

NPC Database
NPC Name Race Members
Safalaan Icyene Yes
Sailor Human Yes
Sally the Grand Exchange clerk Human No
Sam -4th of July- Human No
Sandwich lady Human Yes
Sanguine imp Impling No
Sani -New Varrock- Undead Yes
Santa Claus Human No
Santa's head elf Elven No
Saradomin God No
Saradomin -Death of Chivalry- God No
Saradominist quartermaster Human No
Saradominist recruitment officer Human No
Sarah -Ashdale- Human No
Sarah -Beach Party- Human No
Scalectrix Human No
Schoolboy Human No
Schoolgirl Human No
Seasinger Jemi Animal No
Seasinger Umi Animal Yes
Seddu Human Yes
Selene Human Yes
Senliten Humanoid Yes
Sera Human Yes
Sera -Lumbridge Crater- Human No
Seren God Yes
Sergeant Damien Demon Yes
Sergiu Human Yes
Shadowy figure Undead Yes
Shantay Human No
Shantay Guard Human No
Sharkbone Human Yes
Sharrigan Dragon Rider Yes
Sheldon -Beach Party- Human No
Shilop Human No
Shiratti the Custodian Human Yes
Shop assistant Human No
Shopkeeper - Varrock General Store- Human No
Shopkeeper -New Varrock- Undead Yes
Shopkeeper Kofi Human No
Sigmund The Merchant Human Yes
Silk merchant Human Yes
Silk trader Human No
Silver merchant Human Yes
Simon Templeton Human Yes
Simona Human Yes
Sinco Doar Human No
Sinn Derkwill Undead No
Sir Amik Varze Human No
Sir Chen Rescoo -Manger- Animal No

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